Years ago, I ran across this statement from Oswald Chambers – “Soak continually in the one great truth of which you have had a vision; take it to bed with you, sleep with it, rise up in the morning with it. Continually bring your imagination into captivity to it and slowly and surely as the months and years go by, God will make you one of His specialists in that particular truth.” This has directed my life for several decades.

There is always some particular truth that we are captured, fascinated or compelled by – an idea that we want to explore and understand more deeply. A field of study that we truly enjoy and never get bored with. This “particular truth” may also be experienced as the unique way we see or hear – what we are attuned too.

One of the joys that has carried me through the mundane and repetitive aspects of life has been my study of calling – through reading, observation, conversation, reflection and evaluation. I’ve never been paid to study this subject, nor offered a degree. I’ve just been fascinated by this particular truth and have always enjoyed it.

For me, the subject of calling not only possess the quality of “strength of desire”, but also “consistency of desire” (which I write about in It’s Your Call and talk about in the Glory of Your Life CD series). Chambers’ description of “taking it to bed with you, sleeping with it, rising up in the morning with it, continually bringing your imagination into captivity to it” has been my story with the idea of calling.

I had a friend recently ask me what she should do with her passion for “mentoring kids – especially adolescent girls and young women…wanting them to know their true value.” She went on to say, “I want to serve God by serving these young women…I don’t want to invest another moment doing things that are not leading me closer to His call.” I love her clarity and passion.

My suggestion to her was to allow God, in Chamber’s words, “to make [her] one of His specialists in that particular truth.” We need to pursue our great curiosities and desires through study, interaction, experimentation and evaluation. We should immerse our self into “the one great truth of which [we] have had a vision” and not fret over making it our vocation…right now.

We must not allow what we cannot do to interfere with what we can do. We can read, observe, reflect and offer what is on our heart, even if nobody is requesting, endorsing or paying us for it; even if it’s “in our spare time”, “on our own” or “on the side”.

Perhaps this is a time of “mastering” – a skill, an idea, an opportunity, a truth. What would you like to be become a specialist in? What expertise, for the Kingdom, would you like to possess?

Looking forward to becoming more than I am today,


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