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Call Me Ishmael

I need to sacrifice something to God, and I don’t want to. After months of trying to sell our house, we signed the closing documents a few weeks ago. My wife and I have painstakingly pursued our hunt for a new home. For me, it’s been more of a frantic, obsessive, compulsive quest. We’ve exhaustively […]


Vandalizing God

I attended a magnet high school in Detroit, Michigan. Cass Tech was a university preparatory school that emphasized science and the arts. One night before an art showing, a vandal broke in, defaced multiple paintings, and took a hammer to dozens of sculptures. Imagine the angry anguish of the victims: the lost hours of creativity, the shattered […]

Are You Ignoring the Evidence?

Here are 3 powerful questions that reveal our level of being alert and oriented: 1. Are you ignoring the evidence that God loves you? This is the most profound question. The degree to which we believe, really believe, that we are deeply seen and loved by God is the degree to which we can purely, […]


Hearing God in the Abundance of His Methods

Most believers long to—desperately — hear God’s voice, but most of us experience silence. Scripture says, “God speaks in many and diverse ways, but nobody notices” (Job 33:14). We miss his voice because he’s not a paint-by-number God. He speaks in ways we don’t expect. Well-meaning people often mislead us when they describe their conversations with God. […]



Do you really understand God’s forgiveness? Last week I woke up in a nightmare. The dream seemed real, like an IMAX theater with heart-throbbing surround-sound and mountain-shaking sub-woofers. I dreamt of a friend’s betrayal from years ago, and I felt the naked fury, pain, and shame wash over me yet again. Sooner or later—and most […]


I was Ashamed of Myself

Shame and Jesus on the cross – how does it relate? I was small for my age. When I graduated from high school, I was 5 feet 7 inches and 120 pounds. (I added 2 inches and 25 pounds in the first two years of college.) In middle school, I was even smaller. When I was […]


What a Fool I Was!

Shortly after graduating from university, I took a trip with my new boss to a conference. He was about to give an important presentation, but over dinner he remarked that he hadn’t had a haircut for a long time. He wished he looked more presentable. I offered to cut his hair for him. He asked […]

American Exceptionalism: Random Male Violence, Part 2

In my previous post, Random Male Violence, Part 1, I began to unravel the mystery of why the random violence we regularly encounter happens in the U.S. on a level unlike any other country. Our soul-searching requires that we recognize that we are developing wounded males. But all countries have wounded males. (This article is written […]