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Detangling Your Thoughts About Calling

It seems so hard to “nail down” what our calling is and what we should do. A short while back, I attended a Branding conference put on by Free Agent Academy, of which I’m one of their professors.  I was there as an attendee, not a presenter.  The Branding professor asked us to write out […]

We Can, We Must

(The video blog is at the bottom of the page.) It’s amazing how encouraging and comforting hearing the phrase “me too” can be. I’ve had the opportunity to say “me too” many times over the past year as friends have told me of their fear, weariness and discouragement concerning their work, their calling and their […]

This May Be Your On-Ramp

(This blog on video is at the bottom of this page) So often my heart goes to “God, do something – show me what you want me to do, open a door, make a way.” Then there is silence and stillness…seemingly. Holding on to the truth that God does guide, counsel, provide and create, I […]

Beyond Our Dreams, Not Our Desires

I had a chance to get an update on a friend’s story early this summer. (It was at our new It’s Your Time Weekend). I was struck by the interaction of God in his life. I was both inspired and enlightened by it. Michael Williams came to one my first Calling Intensive events about eight years ago. […]

Ask and Seek Challenge

“I not aware of any God-given desires or passions written on my heart. If I did, I don’t think I’d know what to do with them. What do I do?” Several weeks ago, I did a live Q&A discussion with the Online Calling Course class on chapter 7 of It’s Your Call – Awakening Your […]

“Noble Simplicity and Quiet Grandeur”

I’ve been intrigued by the phrase “noble simplicity and quiet grandeur” which was used by the German art historian Johann Jachim Winckelmann describing the Greek aesthetic.  (I don’t want to sound like something I’m not – an intellectual and a broad-reader.  I ran across this expression on the Internet as I was researching the word […]

Answering Two Big Questions

There is something we love to offer; some particular, powerful way that we see, hear and/or perceive.  When we are aware and clear on what we have to offer (our glory: brilliance, strength, beauty, splendor, abundance) we can be far more discerning as to what opportunities we are to take or what tasks we need […]

4 Calling Observations and Lessons

I have the fun and privilege of talking to many people each week by phone, email, chat and in person at Base Camp, retreats, on radio interviews, podcasts and over a cup of coffee. Each person’s story is fascinating and their questions both profound and common.  So, from recent conversations, let me offer a few […]

A Dangerous But Necessary Road

I recently overheard a conversation between two men.  One said, “The strong rule the weak.  That’s how your God made the world.”  The other responded, “God makes us strong only for a while, so that we can help each other.”  To which the first man responded, “My God makes me strong so I can live […]