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Some Orienting Thoughts

God brought you into this world with something that is weighty, beautiful, strong, brilliant because it is needed. After all, you are His image bearer. Your best days, your most glorious moments are when you are living and offering who you really are. After all, you have been, and are being, set free. Of all […]

Will You Have an Encore? Yes!

It was true, he was in his late sixties, or maybe even his early seventies, and he was retiring. There were no outward clues as to his age except for the gray hair (still full and thick), the wrinkles of one accustomed to the outdoors, and as one friend noted, the barnacles that had latched […]

Revisiting the Question

Over the years I have had individuals tell me, with a degree of embarrassment, that they still aren’t sure what their calling is or if they are in the right place.  I find that the older a person is, the more honest and perceptive they are about their heart and life…and the more shame they […]

Seasons of Shaking

At one particular moment in my life, not long ago, I asked God what He doing in my life.  He brought to me Heb. 12:27 – not necessarily a verse I wanted to hear.  I was hoping for something like “Well done, good and faithful servant! You have been faithful with a few things; I […]

What’s Important in this Moment?

I’ve been asking God these days to help me to distinguish between great and small events – for my morning as well as for my life. With all that is going around me and all that is going on within me, this feels like an important question.  It was Winston Churchill who said, “When a […]

On the Edge of Scared or Bored?

“Radical dreams make us radically dependent. When we are engaged in what God has called us to do, every part of our spiritual life comes alive. There’s a reason to grow, we have a compelling reason to pray, to stay in close contact with our Leader and Guide when we walk unfamiliar, threatening paths. There’s […]

Divinely Assisted

“Ok, the idea that I possess a glory, splendor, strength, brilliance that is extraordinary seems a little farfetched.  It’s not my personal experience.  I think my effect is pretty small.  I can only do the best with what I’ve got and that ain’t much.” I’ve heard this thought many times – within myself and from […]

Leaning and the Power of Our Life

A week or so ago, while in a worship time giving my life to God as I was lead by the songs, God spoke something I was not expecting.  It was in the context of what I was giving to God – my thoughts, words and presence, my calling.  He said, “Gary, you can’t wing […]

What Is Your Why?

“For this I have been born, and for this I have come into the world.” – Jesus “I’m bored with my life” and “I’m afraid to make a change.”  I hear these two thoughts almost daily in conversations with others and I’ve uttered them more than a few times myself.  Apathy and anxiety.  Seemingly opposites […]